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  RMI Files    
  Dick's Bio (short version)
  The Man From CHAOS
    Ernst & Young
Bibliography for Chaos Theory
    Recommended Reading for
Chaos & Complexity Theory
  Recent Presentations  Warning: HEAVY GRAPHICS AHEAD
  IEC 1131-3 Concept
(Abbreviated version of presentation made by
Clive Smith of Groupe Schneider.)
    Portfolio Management (With Frame)
Portfolio Management (Without Frame)
  Technology Files    
  The History of the PLC (Short version)

The History of PLC (Long version. $15 Hard copy)

  How Software Companies Die
    PLC vs. PC by Joseph R. Garber
    The Raven Consultant
  Open SayasMe, Open SayasYou
A poem about open system connectivity
  Magazine Articles    
  Manufacturing Systems Magazine
Dick Morley's monthly column '92 Jan - '97 Sep
     Manufacturing Automation Magazine
Dick Morley's monthly column '98 May -
  Other References    
    News Wise (Writer's search engine)
    Technology Update
Chaos Takes Practical Steps toward Applications
Edward J. Kompass Contributing Editor
Virtual Greeting Cards Warning: HEAVY GRAPHICS AHEAD
    1996 Seasons Greetings 1997 Valentine's Day
    1997 St. Patrick's Day 1997 Spring Greetings
    1997 Summer Greetings 1997 Fall Seasons Greetings
    1997 Seasons Greetings 1998 Spring Greetings
    1998 Summer Greetings  

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