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June 20, 2002
Mason, NH

You are cordially invited to attend the 2nd Annual Geek Pride Day being held on 6/20/02 from 10 am to whenever at the Barn in Mason, New Hampshire, sponsored by R. Morley Inc. and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). Join us for a day of stimulating conversation, presentations and networking in a casual, rural setting.

We are delighted to offer two speakers who represent both ends of the age spectrum. Mr. Morton E. Goulder, co-founder of Sanders Associates and angel investor for 40+ years, will share with you his perspective of business and investing followed by a question and answer session. Mr. David Bell, teenage entrepreneur and founder of Chasma, Inc., will bring a fresh, youthful perspective on the challenges facing startups in today's business climate. Expect the usual BS from Dick Morley!

Lunch -- a pig roast with all the fixin's -- will be provided. Roast beef, chicken, cold beer, wine and other libations will also be available.

On a more entertaining note, we are excited to offer hot air balloon rides as long as the weather cooperates. Volley ball, big machines and other goodies will round out the day in addition to scintillating conversation and networking opportunities.

Get out of the box and join your peers for some good old-fashioned Geek Talk! $75 confirms your spot at this event. To ensure an interactive group, space is limited to the first 100 registrants. Please e-mail your registration to Amanda@barn.org or call Amanda Lapierre at (603) 654-7000 by June 7, 2002. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted as well as personal and business checks.

See you on the 20th of June -- rain or shine!

P.S. If you're thinking about getting hitched, bring your Geek or Geekette as our balloon master, Dale Riley, is the only licensed minister in the area who gives 20-year warranties on the marriages he performs aloft!

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Mason, NH, November 2, 2001: R. Morley Inc. (RMI) and Schneider Electric have announced that they will not renew a consulting agreement that has existed between the companies since 1998. RMI will continue to provide services to the company he founded until the end of this calendar year. The parties termed the relationship "a great ride" and are parting the affiliation amicably.

Under this most recent agreement, Mr. Morley has been providing services as a member of AE's Technical Board of Directors. His history with the company dates back to its foundation when his consulting company, then Bedford Associates, developed and installed the first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) at General Motors and formed Modicon (MOdular DIgital CONtroller) to launch the PLC industry in 1968.

Mr. Morley remained affiliated with the company through its sale to Gould as a Gould Science Fellow. He was brought back into the company in a more active role with the subsequent sale to AEG, where he was used in a highly successful advertising program that stressed the company's commitment to technology, agility and quality. Mr. Morley remained under contract with AEG during the '90s, and has been engaged by most recent owner, Schneider Electric, since 1998.

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"Schneider Electric has strengthened the Modicon name in the marketplace and continues to be a key player in technology and innovative solutions for manufacturing and process control," states Morley. "Their products, manufacturing and capabilities are world-class. We’ve worked together to bring truth to the theme of our advertising campaign; 'Modicon Is Back.'"

"With the contract concluding at the end of the year, RMI is looking forward to working with other engagements in the marketplace. Exclusivity is important in working with companies, and our long-standing relationship with Modicon made us extra-sensitive to that," says Morley. "We are now more free to work with others in the market, particularly the entrepreneurial companies and technology innovators. This is my passion."

To that end, RMI has brought Gregg Ekberg on board as Vice President of Operations. Gregg has a long history in the controls and manufacturing industry. He was lead engineer for General Motors when one of Morley's portfolio companies, Flavors Technology, installed the first control system based on autonomous agents at GM's Ft. Wayne Assembly plant.

The MODICON automation brand has a heritage of breakthrough innovations, from the first programmable logic controller in 1968 to the first modern human-machine interface in 1982.

Schneider Electric is the World's Power and Control Specialist, with operations in 130 countries and 67,500 employees worldwide. In 1999, Schneider Electric reported sales of approximately $8.4 billion.

R. Morley Incorporated (RMI) is a global consulting firm specializing in
technologies that are at or beyond the leading edge in the manufacturing
and computer systems industries.

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Richard Morley is the founder of RMI and is the inventor of the programmable logic controller. He is a published author, columnist and recipient of numerous awards for science and innovation. In addition, he is a nationally recognized "Angel" venture capitalist.

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This past September, Dick Morley was elected to serve as a SME International Director At-Large (U.S./Canada) for the next two years. The induction ceremony is to be at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago on Monday, the 12th of November.

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From Marc Kastner of MIT: "Last week our colleague, Wolfgang Ketterle, together with two of our alumni, Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell, won the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics. Wolfgang gave the weekly Physics Colloquium last Thursday, and we have mounted it on the web at http://mitworld.mit.edu/. I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone present did." We at the Barn congratulate the winners and applaud their accomplishments!


RMI Conferences
R. Morley Incorporated (RMI), under the direction of Dick Morley, has been studying and applying complexity science to real-world applications for over a decade. The technologies developed through RMI's extensive experience have been used to increase yield, dramatically reduce software, provide for more robust systems, and to simplify some of the most complex manufacturing and process control challenges.

To promote and advance the study of complexity science, RMI sponsors a Chaos in Manufacturing conference each year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The world's preeminent specialists and visionaries discuss cutting edge technologies and present real-world applications in a uniquely relaxed atmosphere.

Santa Fe Chaos in Manufacturing Conference

This annual conference is held in Santa Fe, New Mexico near the prestigious Santa Fe Institute. Its emphasis is on the technical applications of chaos theory and agent-based systems to the manufacturing industry, but broader topics in complexity science are frequently covered.

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Chaos Conference Past Attendees

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