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R. Morley Inc. Establishes High Speed Internet Access

NEWISP Technologies, Inc. aids in establishing broadband internet access for "the Barn."

by Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM


NEWISP Technologies, Inc. is New England's fixed wireless broadband access internet provider: Wireless ISP (NEWISP )

NEWISP is the only fixed wireless Internet Service Provider in Mason, NH. We provide internet access or more precisely broadband internet access. Our network will extend through cities and towns around New England. As a leading Fixed Wireless ISP we position our broadband access as an upgrade to ADSL providers such as satellite systems. Our services are symmetrical and are run using both licensed & unlicensed spectrum. Wireless ISP's are coming of age. NEWISP is a viable alternative to your current satellite or telephone company (Telco) data services.

We urge you to compare NEWISP to your current provider or think of fixed wireless broadband for your next project or location. We are not bound by any Telecommunication companies as we own all our own facilities. No circuit fees or line fees is exactly what makes our fixed wireless broadband internet solution the most affordable internet access service.

We go where the others can't, or won't go. We are that "last mile" service provider where "the big guys" have no interest. NEWISP is a locally owned and operated company. We are your neighbors and partners in this  enterprise. Our services are currently available in Mason, NH. Future growth is expected in other towns throughout New England. Do not hesitate to contact us at your discretion.

While DSL, satellite and cable internet providers struggle to deliver on the promise of broadband internet access, NEWISP continues to impress our customers with fantastic customer service and unparalleled broadband business class internet access.

We look forward to a long and successful business relationship.

Our Mission

At NEWISP our mission is to become the leading provider of fixed Wireless Internet Service throughout all of New England. We offer the our broadband access as an upgrade to ADSL providers such as satellite systems. Our services are symmetrical and are run using both licensed & unlicensed spectrum.   

Company Profile

We are a local, privately-held small business enterprise looking to provide the kind of service that can only be delivered by a small, friendly, local concern. 

NEWISP Technologies, Inc. is a member of the non-profit Wireless Internet Services Providers Association (WISPA) and the local HAM Radio Operators Network.

We are committed to our customers and they in turn are pleased to be the reason for our success.

Our principals are local business men and they would love to share a beverage like a cup of coffee and discuss the future, or any topic that would make you feel comfortable. Drop in anytime. The beverage is on us and the conversation will be interesting. We guarantee it! 

Contact Information

NEWISP Technologies, Inc. may be contacted in a number of ways, as you can see below:

1+ +1 (603) 878-4365
1+ (603) 878-4385
Postal address
614 Nashua Street, #56  Milford, NH 03055
Electronic mail
General Information: info@NEWISP.org



For More Information Contact:

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