RMI presents
Out Of The Barn

by Dick Morley
Compiled by Ken Ball

Out of the Barn is a compilation of a Dick Morley series of articles which originally appeared in MSI (formerly Manufacturing Systems magazine), then a Thomas Publishing Company monthly periodical. Kevin Parker was the editor and the major promoter for the series which ran from 1992 into 1997. For his suggestions, encouragement, editing proficiency and patience with our submitted raw copy, we are most grateful. MSI is now a Cahners publication and Kevin Parker still serves as editor.

Our thanks and appreciation are also extended to Ken Ball, a friend and colleague from the early glory days of the programmable controller and our "Club-Of-Detroit". Ken has arranged and assembled the articles into book form and has added much of the supplemental material. He previously has been editorial director for Instruments & Control Systems magazine, ISA's InTech and Programmable Controls journals and Industry.Net.

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